Development of food products

Development of food products

FEINCOOK Company specializes in the development and creation of wonderful and extraordinary food products for manufacturers of all sizes. We research numerous realms of inspiration and integrate advanced techniques and technologies into the development process, so as to attain precision in the development of products which consumers crave and enjoy consuming.

Whether you are a large and established food company or one that is just starting, we will join and assist you in realizing your dreams and bringing your product to the shelves of the food chains.

We operate by means of development processes and work methods that have proven themselves over and over again as we tailor them specifically to each client and their particular needs.

For some clients, this means that work begins with the formalization of a concept, creation of a prototype, and transition of the product to the production line. For other clients, this may mean individual work on improving an existing product and its adaptation to current trends and changes in consumer requirements.

We will be happy to collaborate with your marketing or technology team and utilize your accumulated knowledge to cut down work hours and costs of the food product’s development process, or upon demand, provide you with our research and development services, food technology or any other additional service required. At all events, we will produce for you a product that is created by professional chefs yet suitable for mass production for the relevant market.


Our development methodology

First, we will conduct a research of your business that will include familiarization with the means of production, raw materials and existing work methods. We will learn about identical, similar or competing products and become acquainted with the venues of distribution, publics and level of pricing.

We will seek sources of inspiration and parallel content realms so as to provide you with an idea for a product that will be most relevant in a world overflowing with products.


At this stage, you will receive a market survey and conceptual ideas for possible products. At the next stage, we will set out to develop a product that will be differentiated and produce real value.

In the development kitchen, our experienced chef team will develop an initial prototype of your product. We customarily check ourselves throughout the working process via relevant control groups to make the product as precise as possible. The multitude of tools at our disposal and the knowledge we have acquired enable us to develop fast, high quality food products.

This work methodology inspects throughout the development process all the notions and products according to clear definitions and examines whether the product meets the criterion of an innovative product and not solely the criterion of a new product. This methodology ensures that you will receive from us service of the highest quality and precise results.

We are with you up to the finish line

After we have developed the winning product, it is time to think about the production. We will accompany you at this stage too and save you precious time.

We will jointly formalize a production protocol, consult with our food technologists, locate for you appropriate manufacturers, and upon demand you can utilize our marketing and branding services up to the stage where your new product finds its place on the shelf.


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Development of food products

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