Developing menus for restaurants

Developing menus for restaurants

For many years, the science of food served as a source of innovation and solutions for the food industry.  In recent years, leading chefs have embraced this approach thereby introduced unprecedented progress and creativity in the menus of their restaurants.

We at FEINCOOK place at your service the extensive knowledge base of our chef team in order to bring the latest word and technological knowledge into the restaurant’s kitchen, and the raw materials and state-of-the-arts cooking techniques into your menus.

When working on a restaurant menu, we will process every aspect of menu development, starting from ideas for dishes and their development, through locating proper raw materials and suppliers, to creating a training program for your kitchen staff on how to prepare the dishes.

Personally tailored solutions

The development and construction of a menu requires attentiveness and deep acquaintance with you and your business – this forms the basis of the processes we will undergo together. During the first stage, we will hear out your dreams, thoughts, the product you aspire to achieve and what is truly significant for you.

We will sit together in our development kitchen over a cup of coffee (we also have almond milk) and hear your briefing, then set our minds together to understand what you love, what your public likes, and what pricing level you wish to reach.

At the end of this stage, we will construct for you a personally tailored development process that will be unique to you and suit your business and market goals, then we will set out to conduct research.

Our unique technique

The technique we have developed first examines the capacities of your business and kitchen, and then constructs around the existing data an up-to-date, relevant menu.

The new menu will bring into expression prominent culinary trends and will realize your culinary dreams. It will also be delicious, precise and easy to operate in accordance with the capacities of your kitchen and staff.


Developing menus for restaurants

For many years, the science of food served as a source of innovation and solutions for the food industry
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